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Greatness is determined by consistent excellence. 

Focus.  Be Intentional.  Execute.

Marisol Moran, MPA, MSC, CLC

What Is Life Coaching?

Life coaching takes an operational approach to transforming one's life and mindset.  The coach and client work together to pinpoint obstacles that are hindering success. From there, they create a plan with daily and weekly actionable steps to establish the life you wish to lead.

Often the obstacles ahead of us are the ones we face internally. We tell ourselves we're incapable, that it will take too long to get "there", and that it isn't meant for us. What if I told you that we are all capable of achieving greatness and that your dreams can become attainable goals? Each of us has a purpose and gift to share. We all can develop the appropriate skills and mindset to reach our dreams.

 Through an individualized and strategic game plan, I can assist you in taking the pivotal steps to overcome negative thoughts and emotions, discover your passions, and create the exact life that you wish to lead.

Let's Work  Together


Whether it be a natural life transition like graduation  or through feelings of unfulfillment, there are times in our lives where we find ourselves at a crossroads.

Maybe you're not sure what your next step is or the career you've chosen isn't what you though it would be.

Luckily, there are tried and true methods to assist you in finding the best next step.


Mindset is the framework for our perceptions and attitude towards life and its events.


How we think about life’s occurrences can lead to new beginnings, feelings of hope, and increased happiness.


Your resume is the cornerstone of your job search. Even though it can feel overwhelming to create, it is your time to shine. The resume provides you with the opportunity to highlight your strengths and achievements.

My Story

My Journey

For years, I suffered from low self-esteem, depression, and engaged in negative self-talk. I would tell myself that I wasn’t good enough, and that certain dreams were out of reach. I let my fear stop me from taking action, taking risks only sparingly. It was through the introduction to consciousness that my journey to transformation began. Through the works of Eckhart Tolle, Don Miguel Ruiz, and beginning a meditation practice, I developed more effective ways of thinking, positive habits, and strengthened my resolve through affirmations. Through consistency and concerted discipline, I was able to free myself from my own negative mind and create new possibilities.


As a result of ridding myself from of the shackles of a negative mind, I acquired two master’s and a black belt in Japanese jiu jitsu, became a certified professional life coach, and founded my own coaching practice by the age of 29. I understand the plight of many and am dedicated to assisting the most people on their journey to greatness.



Master's in Public Administration

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Master's of Science

in Communications


The Transformation

A three-month program, the Transformation consists of an individualized program geared towards assessing the triggers for negative self-talk and creating healthy habits to obtain success. This program will provide you with the tools and clarity to remain steadfast in achieving the life you wish to lead.

1hr sessions

All sessions delivered on-line

The Evolution

A six-month program, the Evolution consists of all elements offered in the Transformation, as well as the tools necessary to create a complete paradigm shift. This program is ideal for those who wish to transform every facet of their life. We will establish action-oriented plans to solidify new, healthy habits and reach the goals in question.

1hr sessions

All sessions delivered on-line.


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Kila B.

What I appreciate most about Marisol is her combination of insight and relatability. When you're looking for a coach, you want someone with enough clarity to help YOU see your bull, insight enough to pull you up when you're trying to wallow in the aforementioned bull, and personable enough that you're okay with sharing it all with a complete stranger. Before working with Marisol, I don't know that I would have articulated all of that - sometimes you don't know you need something until you have it. Marisol is highly intelligent, funny and most importantly, a warm-hearted person. I would highly recommend her - and have - to anyone looking to figure out their future plans.

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Sal N.

I've been working with Ms. Moran for several months and I'm extremely happy with the results. As a life coach, her wisdom, empathy and knowledge are quite impressive. She's a breath of fresh air and I would strongly recommend her to anyone.

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Sebastian F.

Marisol was really helpful in helping me with my career change decision and transition. She was really good at offering me a different perspective that has allowed me to feel more confident in my career journey.

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