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3 Tips for a Productive Day

A good or bad morning can often dictate the rhythm of your day. From the way in which you respond to others or unexpected situations, starting the day in a frazzled or hurried way can make all the difference. Having a routine can often remedy this. If you already have a routine, great; but this is also a great opportunity to re-examine it for efficiency purposes.

If you’ve been in the lifestyle and wellness space for a while, then you’ve heard all of the tips--from meditation and reading to going straight to the gym. However, incorporating every recommendation may leave you feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated. Simplifying, however, ensures that things get done.

Here are three tips to create and productive and efficient day:

No Social Media

This is integral to keeping a clear mind as you go about your morning. Instead of doing the Insta scroll and seeing what everyone else wants you to see and think about, and instead of watching the news, focus on the task at hand.

One small step to keep you on track is to leave your phone behind when showering and getting ready each morning. Personally, this has been a great way to be alone with my thoughts and give my mind the opportunity to roam free and even be a little bored.

Yoga and Stretching

Not only is it great to get your body moving first thing in the morning, but doing so without anything on in the background is amazing for that mind-body connection. This is referencing how in tune you are with your body--how it’s feeling, what it needs, how far to take a stretch, and if your body is utilizing the proper technique and posture. Giving your mind the space to solely focus on your body helps in assessing how your body is feeling and what it needs.

A Prepped Breakfast

Mornings with a prepped breakfast go much more smoothly. On days without a prepped breakfast, you may spend too much time gathering ingredients, measuring them out, and then finding the proper container or tumbler. This may lead to feeling stressed, leaving late, or simply skipping breakfast all together.

None of those are by any means a great way to start the day. Taking the time to make breakfast the night before allows you to just grab and go, save money, and continue tracking macros and calories.

If you prefer smoothies in the morning, pre-packing all ingredients for each serving and having it in the freezer will really help save time.

These steps may seem small or like no-brainers, but that which is common sense does not necessarily translate to common practice.

Marisol Moran, MPA, MSC, CPC

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