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My name is Alexa Young

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Growing with Sol

In this podcast, I'll be talking about all things personal development and growth. From healing old wounds, overcoming depression, and finding ways to create more joy and ease in our lives, it's all on the table.

Episode 001

Growing with Sol Cover.png

Get to Know Me

In this episode I discuss my educational and professional background, as well as what led me to life coaching. I detail just how much schooling I've had and the ups and downs of my own mental health- read: depression and CPTSD. 

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Episode 002

What Are Boundaries?

You might have a working understanding of what boundaries are, but let's concretely define them and think about the various ways they truly benefit us.


Boundaries After a Pathological Relationship by Adelyn Birch

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IG and TT: @yourcoachmari 

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Episode 003

Image by Kai Pilger

How To Say No

Often the struggle with communicating and keeping a boundary is our ability to say no. When we are just beginning to become comfortable with doing so, it is often good to practice different ways of saying no and of buying you time to mentally prepare.

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Episode 004

Boundaries, More than Just Verbal

Boundaries are so much more than just verbal. When we actually start to think about it, there are many types of boundaries. In this episode, I detail a few foundational types that touch various aspects of our lives. Through this conversation, hopefully you are able to begin to jot down some of your very own boundaries. 

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Image by Sincerely Media

Episode 005

Image by Eric Ward

Dealing with Boundary Backlash

Setting boundaries can be hard enough, but then when we begin to deal with the anger, disrespect, and potential loss of people we have had in our lives for years, it can make the process so much painful. Nonetheless, navigating this process is possible, and in this episode I detail the steps and structure to do just that. 

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